Dynamometer Diagnostics & Testing


The dynamometer is a significant tool that increases accuracy and efficiency of the technician diagnosis. The capabilities of the dynamometer allow the technician to simulate various real-world operating conditions of a truck to accurately pin point the root cause of a complaint.

Getting to the root cause accurately and efficiently ensure that your truck is getting the correct truck diagnosis and repair. There are various use for the dynamometer listed below:

  • Isolate engine skips that occur only when a truck is under a load
  • Verify and diagnose low power complaints
  • Verify and diagnose over heating complaints
  • Diagnosing fuel system problems
  • Diagnosing charge air system leaks
  • Verify Excessive blowby and crankcase pressures
  • Verify and aid in diagnosing aftertreatment and emission related issues
  • Identify and located hard to find oil leaks
  • Test Horsepower and Torque and print data tables with graphical representations of full load torque and horsepower curve
  • Engine break-in after and over haul repair
  • Utilize dynamometer to verify various type of engine repair

Sample Perfomance of Dyno test for HP and Torque